Unleashes the hidden AI potential of your data and services! Simply connect your data infrastructure and services and our AI platform analyzes them, recommending powerful interactive dashboards, reusable data visualizations, automated actions, and seamless API integrations to keep you informed, engaged, and ahead of the curve.

Without coding or deep learning!

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Real-World Success Stories

Intelligent Transaction Categorization for FinTech Businesses

AltF2's Pathfinder empowers FinTech businesses with an AI-powered dashboard for automatic transaction categorization, spending trend analysis, and fraud detection.

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AI-Driven Credit Score Monitoring and Improvement for Fintech Leader

AltF2's Pathfinder empowers a FinTech leader with an AI-powered dashboard for credit score monitoring, personalized improvement plans, and fraud protection.

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Stop Fraud in Its Tracks: AI-driven Anomaly Detection for Fintech

AltF2's Pathfinder empowers a leading FinTech company with an AI-powered dashboard to detect suspicious transactions, reduce fraud, and improve customer security.

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Our Process


Data Collection

Gathering data is the foundation of our process. We focus on collecting high-quality, relevant data that aligns with your project's goals, ensuring a strong base for building AI solutions.


AI Context Magic

Utilizing our Pathfinder product, we automate the addition of context to data entities, streamlining the preparation process and enhancing data understanding for AI applications.


AI Suggestions

Pathfinder also helps in identifying AI opportunities by auto-selecting data sources and suggesting the most suitable AI models for your project, ensuring a tailored AI strategy.


Implementation & Optimization

Finally, we integrate and continuously optimize the AI solution within your workflow. Our commitment to monitoring and refinement guarantees the delivery of consistent, high-quality results.

Innovative Team


David Brooks

Technical Director

Over 25 years of global experience, is a renowned principal solution architect, full-stack software architect and an expert in artifical intelligence . He excels in cloud technologies and database design, holds 6 Microsoft Certifications, and has a reputation for innovative thinking in challenging situations.


Yannick Bastiaensen

Managing Director

Highly organized leader with 20 years of experience in startups. He has co-founded five companies, including a successful exit, and has played a pivotal role in the entire life cycle of numerous products. His skill set encompasses product design & architecture, project management, cybersecurity, full-stack development, quality assurance, and business analysis.


Jose Brito

Marketing Lead

A captivating storyteller with a keen understanding of customer needs, Jose excels at crafting compelling brand narratives that resonate deeply. Through strategic marketing campaigns and data-driven insights, he cultivates brand loyalty and drives significant lead generation, propelling businesses towards market leadership.

AI-Powered Growth


The Silent Killers of Business Growth?

While your competitors advance, your business might be inadvertently stuck in the status quo.

  • Missing AI Opportunities

    In a world where AI is revolutionizing industries, not harnessing this power means falling behind. Every moment without AI is a missed opportunity for efficiency, innovation, and staying ahead of market trends.

  • Wasting Talent on Low-Impact Tasks

    Your team of professionals are your most valuable asset. When their abilities are tied up in routine, non-strategic work, it's not just their time that's wasted – it's your business's potential for growth and competitive advantage.


How AltF2 Can Help You Flip The Script

We specialize in turning these challenges into opportunities, using AI to catalyze growth and empower your workforce.

  • Unlocking AI-Driven Growth

    We bridge the gap between your business and the latest AI advancements. From predictive analytics to automating mundane tasks, we transform your operations to be more efficient, insightful, and innovative.

  • Elevating Your Team's Impact

    By integrating AI into your business, we liberate your talent from repetitive work. This allows them to focus on the truly impactful work.

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